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Lessons Learned from Summer Jobs

This piece of wisdom, from last Sunday's New York Times, is a perfect example of how unlikely experiences can become an important part of one's personal narrative!
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Optimizing Social During a Career Search

I completely agree with the attached article, and this advice is even more important for college and graduate students! Why? Because at this point in time, there is less about you for potential employers to evaluate, less career history, less successes…
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Percentages and Plans Post College

According to the New York Post, only 17% of graduating college seniors have secured a job. And this is unfortunately a lower percentage than the Class of 2013 - 20% of that class graduated with a job.
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An Article on the Unpaid Internship Debate

A quick note... While this article from yesterday's Wall Street Journal makes some great points, I do think that there is irrefutable evidence that unpaid internships
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You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Some of you may have spent time checking out 2MyCareer and wondered how 2MyCareer can really be helpful after one has already started their post-college job.
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Gold Medal Employee

The Olympics are one of my very favorite events! While they only happen every four years, the lessons of the Olympics apply to all college students during each of their four collegiate years. The biggest lesson may be: decide what you want, and do everything…
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Summer Jobs & Internships

Now is the time to start your the hunt for a Summer Job/Internship! But what should college students or recent graduates be looking for in order to advance their career after college goals? It doesn't have to be the same job you want after graduation…
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