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Lessons Learned from Summer Jobs

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    This piece of wisdom, from last Sunday's New York Times, is a perfect example of how unlikely experiences can become an important part of one's personal narrative!

Michael Cascio's linkage of his summer job as a janitor at Wolf Trap, the outdoor performance venue, to important career lessons, is a brilliant example of both narrative creation and reflection. Cascio's narrative is not about how his summer job as a janitor helped him clarify his career goals, but rather about how that summer job taught him "the basics of all employment". While some of these basics are in fact just that - basic - they are skills which many employers keep searching for in Millennials.

    Besides the basics , Cascio also attributes the "best career guidance" he ever received to his janitorial supervisor. The supervisor told him "Never turn down a chance to take on more responsibility". Cascio's own final summation is equally wise "And you often have to do things that have nothing - and everything - to do with your career and your life ahead".

    Lots of quotes here - but Cascio's beautiful article deserves it ! I applaud this journey back and willingness to reflect from a professional who now runs M&C Media , a video-programming advisory firm . . . and is willing to share his life lessons learned from his janitorial days !

Thank you Michael Cascio.

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