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Making Connections Through Mom: Networking with Family

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Hoping everyone is enjoying the holiday season (except for those of you who have exams.... )!

I wanted to share this post from AOL Jobs: Networking With Parents' Connections: Is It a Good Idea?

I think that I might have framed this a bit differently. In my mind, networking is defined as connecting with people that you have met or know or have been introduced to, as well as connecting with people that those people in turn have met or know or have been introduced to. Hence the term "six degrees of separation.”

Using this logic, people that your parents have met or know count. Why wouldn't those people be a part of a college student's networking effort? Yes, some college student's parents may, on the surface, live too far away from the city that the student wants to live in, or may not seemingly have a "relevant" network, but it is definitely 100% fair for students to network, if possible, with their parent's connections.

The reason that networking is such a proven addition to job searches is because it works, and because it frequently leads to unexpected but positive results. One of your parents may be a contractor helping a couple with a renovation on a retirement home in Florida - and you may be home for the holidays and meet your parent's client. The husband may have recently retired from a manufacturing company outside of Chicago, and that company may be hiring for the marketing department. You just never know!

After all, let's not forget that this works both ways. Think of all the connections that parents can and do make through their children's connections, whether it be the parents of their friends, their school, or the adults running their extracurricular activities. Either way, it's fair game, and it works!

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