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Optimizing Social During a Career Search

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I completely agree with the attached article, and this advice is even more important for college and graduate students! Why? Because at this point in time, there is less about you for potential employers to evaluate, less career history, less successes and failures, less compensation information, less reputation in your industry, there are just significantly fewer tangible data points.


By default, this very fact translates into a deeper dive into "intangibles"! How you present yourself not only on LinkedIn, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all become quite relevant during the hiring process, broadly defined. So please do not post anything, anywhere, at any time, which might lead a potential employer to question your judgment!

What should you post? Your LinkedIn profile is, by definition, a "business-oriented social networking service for people in professional jobs". I highly recommend creating a LinkedIn profile after your first summer job, but it is important that this remain a purely business-oriented profile. It should have professional career and academic details, and at this point your high school remains relevant for networking purposes. Your LinkedIn profile is almost as important as your resume, so treat it accordingly!

What about the other social media sites? Nothing should be posted that you would not want a potential employer to see. Some good things to post include: Graduation pictures, sports pictures (especially if you are on a team), a few fun vacation pictures, pet pictures, thoughts about current events that do not seem radically either Democratic or Republican, a concert picture, and I think you all get the idea!

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