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Practice Makes Perfect When Creating Personal Narratives

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LINK: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/09/01/opinion/is-your-student-prepared-for-life.html?referrer= 

In looking back over this New York Times opinion piece that grabbed my attention last summer as I was preparing some new materials for 2MyCareer, I want to take this moment to salute the author - and concerned parent - Ben Carpenter! His well-reasoned suggestion of including Career Training as part of a college education is very interesting, and I hope that it has captured the attention and consideration of top educators that it so clearly deserves.

Of course, helping college students with career training is my full time focus! The fact is that I am so very busy precisely because colleges are concentrating on providing first-rate educations and expanding those offerings to keep pace with what is meaningful in today's world, leaving them with less time and resources to divert to the student's next steps. As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday break, many high school seniors will be pouring over the offerings of the colleges they are applying to one final time with their families, to sift through what they are really looking for and what is most important.  While Connecticut College, commended in Mr. Carpenter's article for their forward-thinking approach to career support, is an excellent and competitive choice for many, should career services be topmost in these students' and parents' evaluations of what they are looking to invest in for their college experience? Probably not. Colleges are correctly assuming that most students ultimately choose a university primarily for the focus and offerings of the educational experience rather than for future career opportunities.

But that is precisely where 2MyCareer, as well as my notable competitors, comes into play. We work with students - not to divert attention from the all-important college years - but rather to strategically maximize this period of their lives! How can a student or recent graduate best translate their interests, education, and experiences of all kinds into a unique narrative and therefore compelling candidacy that will turn into the best first-career offer? I believe that each student has a story to tell, and they get a first taste of doing this during the time that they work on college application essays. Similar to 2MyCareer services, high school students receive feedback from their college counselors on their college essay narratives. Is not always same narrative but can be  For all those who love the classics, you'll agree that even bards from ancient times knew that the best stories were not a recounting of the facts themselves, but the way in which those incidents were interpreted and told. I hope that your family will find many good stories to tell one another during your time together this week, and that students will use those conversations to help find their way to their own defining narratives! 

A happy Turkey Time to all. 
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