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Summer Jobs & Internships

Now is the time to start your the hunt for a Summer Job/Internship! But what should college students or recent graduates be looking for in order to advance their career after college goals?

It doesn't have to be the same job you want after graduation - but it should be one that helps point you in the right direction. It also doesn't have to be in the city or even the country that you want to land in after college -  but, again, it would be very helpful if it is something that future employers will view as relevant. Try to think of it in terms of building your resume…is the job/internship a stepping stone in your process of discovering and explaining to the world what you want your first job to be?

With that said, there are very few bad summer internships, as most will be a good introduction to a new environment! While the same is true for summer jobs, if possible it is time to step away from waitressing and valet parking…leave those for your less ambitious friends, your younger siblings, or as an additional job for you if you, like many, want some extra cash!

~ Jamie
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