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You’ve probably heard about career assessments – an analytical tool based on your responses that can help suggest which careers are best for you. But how are they really used, and how do you deal with some of the anxiety you may feel about answering the questions? What are some of the areas that a career assessment looks into? What can you, as a job seeker, do with career assessments?


Career assessments are used to understand psychological preferences - for career purposes, this generally translates into measuring how people perceive the world and therefore how they make decisions. There are a variety of of types of assessments available, from the long-established Myers-Briggs type indicators to the newer Learning Agility assessments. But assessments remain misunderstood ! Companies use assessments to better understand and differentiate their talent so that employees are effectively developed, engaged, and deployed : the idea being that someone whose assessment indicates that they are a strong extrovert will never do well alone in a cubicle all day because extroverts thrive when they work in teams rather than alone ! And someone whose assessment indicates low change agility will perform much better in a role which involves some amount of predictability rather than a more entrepreneurial role ! What is often misunderstood is that there are no "better" or "worse" assessment results - but hopefully results that can help one create a career path with greater self knowledge and understanding. And, a good assessment will stand the test of time ! You can learn and grow, but you are you ! So take advantage of that ! I tested as a strong extrovert years ago and turned into a headhunter and now a consultant...so guess what - the assessments were correct AND I am still an extrovert !!


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