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  • June 10, 2014 10:20 AM
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Did Anyone Wash Dishes in This Family?

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Another recent article that I have been thinking about was published in the New York Times Magazine on April 13th ( here ). It is by Mark Leibovich and it is called " Did Anyone Wash Dishes In This Family ?" .

This article is focused on the fact that many of today's politicians " face their greatest threat : They're narrative challenged ! ". Leibovich discusses the fact that politicians of both parties traditionally adopted an " up-from-nothing " narrative that no longer holds true for many of today's politicians . And so , according to Leibovich , many "borrow" an "underdog narrative" from their parents or grandparents.

While we at 2 My Career work with our clients to ensure that their narratives are finely crafted to produce highly competitive candidates , we don't usually need to borrow parent or grandparent narratives . But we do focus on narratives in the same intense way, and so there is a lot that we really appreciate about this article ! Well done !
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