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Gold Medal Employee

The Olympics are one of my very favorite events! While they only happen every four years, the lessons of the Olympics apply to all college students during each of their four collegiate years. The biggest lesson may be: decide what you want, and do everything possible to get the necessary experience to attain this goal…and stay focused!

Many, possibly even a majority, of the Olympians are the same age that you are…and they are selected to represent their country just as companies select new recruits to be their future. While athletic prowess is not a prerequisite for most companies (although it can be a positive), companies do want to see a dedication to success, a passion for excellence, and the persistence necessary to achieve goals.

Watch the passion in the eyes of all of the Olympians and make sure that you know how to convey that to future employers! I attended the 2004 Olympics in Athens.....an experience that I will never forget and that I know I will repeat…Rio?

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