Kwasi Enin... The Essay Says It All

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My main focus is how to turn students' college years into a career, but I keep reading and re-reading the college application essay (attached) of Kwasi Enin, the 17-year-old Long Island student who was accepted by every Ivy League school. His essay, "A Life in Music," speaks of his many musical accomplishments, but it also joyously reveals his vast intellectual curiosity and creativity, as well as music's contribution to his mathematical and literary prowess. He masterfully links his music to his impressive leadership, team-oriented, and interpersonal skills.

This connectivity underscores an important mission of 2 My Career: to help students gather all of their life's experiences together to create a highly competitive candidate!

And PS... Kwasi plans on medical school... but music has been an influential player in his journey to success.
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