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Attn: Collegiate Parents!

For all of the parents - it's true - you were hoping that you were done! Helping your children to get where they are has been an enormous, emotional, and expensive effort! The bills have been endless - lots and lots of tuition bills, lots of extra but needed assistance (SAT courses, college advisors, tutors of all sorts, extra coaches and counselors), lots of extracurriculars (soccer, tennis, ballet, gymnastics, drama, music, chess, riding, intensive language programs), and lots of summer programs (summer and sports camps, summer schools and programs, summer internships).

But there really is another equally important investment to consider: helping your son or daughter to absolutely maximize their ability to obtain that crucial first post-college job! We all know how intense the job market is for these students - and working with an experienced professional to really differentiate them from the pack is key! For many students, a diploma and the wonderful but overwhelmed career services office is not enough!

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