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Plans for Summer?

Now that spring is finally here, the pressure is on to square up your plans for summer. Instead of fretting that you don't have the "right" summer job or internship, open your possibilities to broader options that will enable you to learn and grow! Examples: if you are focused on a post-college job of fashion/retail, don't worry if you are not working at Ralph Lauren this summer - how about interning for a new jewelry designer who could really use the help and would give you an insiders view about what it really takes to launch a new line? And if you think you would eventually want to work for a non-profit organization like Teach for America, how about volunteering for your own college or high school and helping them with anything from their budgeting to their programs for incoming students? If your goal is to eventually build your own company or start a consulting firm, we at 2 My Career are looking for a few good interns to help broaden our reach, and what better opportunity exists to help hone your own post-college career strategy? 

To inquire about internship opportunities with 2 My Career, click here.
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