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Traveling vs. Interning... How to Make It Work

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College years are filled with all sorts of opportunities and experiences unique to that specific time in one's life, and it is definitely tempting for students to seize each and every one. That's why a lot of students choose to spend some breaks traveling the world. Of course there's nothing wrong with this... traveling can help one gain perspective and get to know oneself. However, it's important to remember that summer is also a great opportunity to hone a skill set and gain experience that will help with scoring that first job out of college.

If the decision has been made to travel for the summer instead of obtaining a summer job or internship, the best way to go about it is to make it a truly career enhancing trip! Examples: If you are majoring in Art History or Fine Arts, how about traveling to European capitals to see how Modern Art and Renaissance Art most effectively coexist outside of museums? And if you want to go into Sports Management, how about traveling in Europe to closely observe the differences in how different countries recruit, train, and support young athletes and teams? And if Hospitality is your calling, how about traveling in Southeast Asia to see how that part of the world tops the charts both in travel experiences and accommodations? And for example, why does Thailand have more repeat visitors than any of its equally beautiful neighbors?  So travel, if you must ,but please do so with a clearly defined and translatable goal! You will be happy that you got the most out of your journey and that you have a relevant experience to convey to potential employers!
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