Job Search

The job search process starts by understanding a candidate's career goals - both immediate and long term. We then explore the ramifications of possible career paths and choices with the student. Jamie works with candidates to create a customized plan designed to maximize their backgrounds in order to support their desired goals. For students in their sophomore or junior year, this process would also include strategies on possible courses of study, extra-curricular activities, summer internships, or other experiences.


We believe that this process is best accomplished as an interactive exercise to ensure that the resume reflects each client in his or her truest yet most competitive manner. Working together, we will produce multiple drafts to ensure that the complete individual (inside and outside of the classroom) is strongly represented to potential employers. As a former executive recruiter, Jamie has evaluated thousands of candidates and their resumes. Throughout the resume building process, she leverages this experience to create a level of differentiation for each client.


The purpose of our job search and resume efforts is to help our students in obtaining and nailing meaningful interviews that lead to job offers. We work to thoroughly prepare our clients both mentally and physically for the interview process. We share our extensive knowledge of how interviews are judged and how candidates are rated, and we provide insights into what each client needs to emphasize and explain about themselves. Our process includes mock interviewsin order to ensure each that client will be extremely prepared and confident.


As students make the transition from academic life to the working world, we provide a highly experienced sounding board in order to assist them in making the most informed and effective decisions. Recognizing that this is an unfamiliar process, it is important for each client to develop new skills in order to effectively navigate this change. We address this by providing each client with specific tactical advice and interactive guidance. If desired, we can also provide continuing mentorship for clients as their new careers begin.

What We Do

You’ve done the work to get where you are today. But you haven’t done it alone. No matter your individual circumstances, you’ve had a team supporting you…parents and family, professors, coaches, employers, friends and fellow students have all played their role.

At 2MyCareer, our role is to help you parlay your efforts inside and outside of the classroom into success in the employment marketplace. The 2MyCareer experience has been designed be a transformative process that will enable you to capture the right position with the right organization.

How We Do It

Our process starts with selecting the right student candidates. We only accept a very small number of candidates into our program each year to ensure that we can provide the maximum attention and guidance possible to each participant.

In order to discover this, the first step is for you to fill out our Candidate Application. The application has been designed to give us a better understanding of who you are and what your career goals are. From there, we will reach out to you personally with follow-up questions and/or to request a conversation via telephone or Skype.

Contact Information

Clients Say...

2MyCareer was a key factor in helping me land a highly prized summer job on Wall Street. The firm, which is very prestigious, ran a competitive selection process. My background is unlike most candidates and needed some real explanation. Jamie worked with me to make sure that I could sell my background with lots of confidence and be selected for the job I wanted. On top of that, she gave me guidance on how I can position myself during the time I’m working to give me the best chance at turning a summer job into a full-time offer. All I can say is THANK YOU!


Jamie Peretz was an instrumental and wonderful mentor to my daughter as she navigated her to her first career. Jamie's multi-faceted background continues to be crucial in helping her quickly learn the do's and don'ts of a work environment where she works with MBAs, JDs etc. My daughter has benefitted so much from Jamie's simultaneous honesty and critical advice. Coming from a career in the fine arts, I am not equipped to help my daughter compete in the corporate world, and am so grateful to Jamie for her expert guidance and support.